Warrior Necklace

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Unisex Warrior Necklace

Two size options:

33” Hand-knotted Green Tiger’s Eye with 2.5”  long Fine Silver Super Warrior Drop.  
Super Warrior drops are 4mm x 64mm x 2mm. Temporarily out of stock. 

32” Hand-knotted Labradorite with 2.5” long Fine Silver Classic Warrior Drop.
Classic Warrior drops are 2mm x 66mm. 

Ask us about a custom stone piece too!

Unisex. Gender Free. 

This great length makes it a nice to layer with one of our Mini beaded necklaces. 

Drops are Hill Tribe Fine Silver that are created completely wrought by hand in the remote mountain areas of Thailand. Made using centuries-old, traditional methods in their distinctive styling. Warrior Drops are made of a higher purity than 92.5% sterling silver and will not tarnish as readily as sterling silver.

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