Beaded pieces are the only ones eligible for repairs and re-design Shipping (insured) both ways is the responsibility of you, the client. Jen Stock will give you a quote for repairs, redesigns and shipping. Please send a picture, use the “contact us” platform on this site.

Repairs needed for items purchased on this site  14 days after receiving an order are complimentary as long as you did not wear the piece in water: shower, hot tub or ocean etc. We will know.  Beaded pieces need to be taken apart and put back together so yes, there is a fee. We do not need you to be nasty to us about this, it’s jewelry, not a heart replacement valve. We are a small business and appreciate the support and understanding.  

We love to do redesign with an older one of ours or anything beaded you own/inherited etc. Please start by sending pictures!