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Cancer Awareness Collection:Β Think Pink

Supporting Cancer Awareness, the Think Pink Collection πŸ’— is a stylish way to show your support. Help us make a positive impact with this fashionable collection. Jen Stock has designed a piece each October for the past 10 years, and has now grown it to be a 5 piece Collection. This year we have many choices in various price ranges.Β 

Donation made by Jen Stock Designs to Planned Parenthood with each piece purchased. Thank you for your support. Donating in honor of Annie Blair Eisner.this year, the forever pink angel. You can support Annie's families efforts directly through Cycle for Survival, or of course, donate directly to any charity you support, and please think of this effort.Β 

Hair Scrunchies:

Pinks or Purples

ID/Credit Card Holder:

Purple Haze (velvet) 4 slots, 4” x Β 3”

Happiness Bracelet:

6.5” adjustable 8mm chevron Heritage African Trade Beads for Everyone. Each is one of a kind, like us all! Slider closures and pink & blue tie dye threads. Pick from either image.Β 

Pantone color of 2023Β 

Handmade in New York, USA and India.

Β©Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry 2024

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