Mini™️ Talisman Necklaces

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Add to your collection or build one with our Mini™️ Beaded Necklaces. 

Find yours. So many choices for color-therapy!

Great for layering! Double them up.

Hand-knotted 4mm Jen Stock brunette boxwood with (green) Jasper and 24kt gold vermeil moon charm. Tied with dark blue thread. 7mm gold vermeil clasp and end ring. The moon symbolizes protection & nourishment. 16” 

Hand-knotted 4mm square cut Onyx with Gold plated (Vermeil) North Star pendant with micro pave diamonds & round polished cabochon Opal.  10mm Sterling Silver clasps and end ring. 17” (images for this piece not yet updated to reflect pendant is gold) 

Hand-knotted 3mm Faceted Lapis Lazuli and 5 24kt Gold micron plated (Vermeil) Flower Charms.7mm gold vermeil claps and end ring. 16”

We welcome you to message us and we can show you additional design options for these gorgeous timeless pieces! Some one of a kind can be seen in the last picture.

Vermeil is plated over Sterling Silver. 

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