Mini™️ Beaded Talisman Necklaces

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Add to your collection or build one with our Mini™️ Beaded Necklaces. 16”

Find yours. So many choices for color-therapy.

Great for layering! Double them up.

Hand-knotted Throat Chakra (5th) options: 4mm Turquoise free form shaped beads with sterling Ganesha mini pendant. We welcome you to message is and we can show you design options! 10mm clasp and end ring.  

Hand-knotted 4mm Jen Stock brunette boxwood with Jasper and 24kt gold vermeil moon charm. Tied with dark blue thread. 10mm Gold vermeil clasp and end ring. The moon symbolizes protection & nourishment.

Hand-knotted 4mm faceted blue Pyrite with mini sterling silver mandala pendant.

16” each

Ask about pricing of ones not listed. 

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