Higher Self Malas for Everyone™️

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Higher Self Mala for Everyone™️

4 special options:

Hand-knotted 30" of 6mm Brunette Boxwood, ©️OM tag and focal stone 360 roughly faceted Prehnite (stone of unconditional love) Prehnite shown paired in video with the newest Jen Stock Mini™️: 16” Jasper and 24kt gold vermeil gold moon charm. 

Hand-knotted 30" of 6mm Brunette Boxwood, ©️OM tag Smooth Porcelain Jasper (stone to balance the yin & yang.)

Hand-knotted 30" of 8mm Sandalwood, ©️OM tag, Lapis Lazuli. (Sandalwood beads are protective and promote spiritual awareness.)

Hand-knotted 30” of 10mm Tamarind wood, ©️OM tag, rough chunk (powerful!) Black Tourmaline (for grounding, it’s like glue! & promotes health and well being and is the ultimate stone of protection.) My personal favorite! 


Not factory made. Hand-made in the USA with love and mindfulness by women since 2001.

All Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry™️ elements are reiki infused and charged in a full moon. 

©Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry