Grateful Charm Necklaces

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Wear more ⚡️💀🌹 🐻 Gear!!!

Steal Your Face, Jerry Garcia or Cat Under the Stars on a repurposed colorful, blessed Mala string (yes, these are from blessed Malas) that is tied with 2 slip knots. Charm available alone too! 

All have a 4mm soldered ring so if you prefer, you can add to your own chain instead of string. 

Legally approved designs. 

Sizes (all 1.1mm thickness):

  • Steal Your Face 1" X 1" round 
  • Jerry Garcia: 1" X 1"  
  • Cat Under the Stars: 1.25" X 1"

Unisex and great to layer with other Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry pieces!

14kt yellow gold is special order. 

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Look for the Stealie in Sterling Silver on Lily Tomlin as Frankie on Netflix’s Grace & Frankie Season 7: Episode 9, The Prediction.

Hand Made in New York City 

Make these your modern heirloom!

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