Stash Bag by Jen Stock

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Stash Bag, our latest addition to the Elevated Collection. IYKYK

The most beautiful and stylish unisex bag for your goods. Utilize the 5 inside pockets and generous inside space for anything you want to keep safe. Add your own lock to keep extra secure, we have added a double zip and each zipper has an open ring to easily attach. 

Ikat Print 100% cotton fabric (soothing Indigo Blue color) and carbon lined.

The Classic Stash Bag by Jen Stock is perfect for carrying and storing your items. This bag is made of durable and stylish materials, giving you a way to keep items within easy reach with an attractive, secure design. It features a double zipper closure, ensuring your items stay safely inside. This bag is perfect for errands, travel, and everyday use.


Carbon lined

5 inside pockets

7” long  X 3” wide X 5” high

Double zipper closure so you can add your own lock.

Two side tabs and 6” hand strap. 

Designed in New York, lovingly crafted in Jaipur, India. Artisan crafted.

Soft Goods not returnable. Do not machine wash.

Check out the Mini bag too! Also available for a limited time as a three piece set at a special price.

Jennifer Stock Designs is not responsible for what you stash.  Keep zipped closed for best results. 

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