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 "Get Your OM On." #iconic #og

This ©Goddess Necklace is from Jen Stock's signature collection: ©Goddess Collection, featuring Jen's creative interpretation of the OM symbol. Jen uses an authentic graffiti-like design (inspired by tagging on the subway in the 1970's) of the OM symbol in her ©Goddess Collection to evoke a modern view of the symbol. The name of this unisex collection was Inspired by Leela, Goddess of Positivity and Joy, who kicks away the evil spirits.

Signature design, each piece is one of a kind!


28 inch length to original ©OM plaque guru (three holes) in Sterling Silver. 

Sterling Silver OM is 1 1/2" x 3/4"

Hand-Knotted with multiple strands of vegan threads using exotic 6mm, 8mm or 10mm Brunette Boxwood beads, carved exclusively for Jen Stock

This a Design with Jen piece:

Pick your thread color. Most colors available. 

3 Semi-precious Stones of your choice form what is available. 

Various side beads (mostly sourced from Tibet or India)

Metal Buddha charm at bottom 


Images of options will be texting to you. The image on the site of elements is an example, some/most may not be available. Images on site or you see/have seen on Russell Simmons and other clients are ones that have sold, these are all one of a kind. That’s what makes them special. 

The wood is Boxwood, which is an Exotic wood from Brazil and very slow growing, which makes it very hard. Jen refers to it as the "Diamond of Wood." The dark brown beads are referred to as "Brunette" and are all carved exclusively for Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry by Master wood carvers. 

Hero piece worn every day since 2008 by Russell Simmons.

No returns or exchanges, as are all custom pieces. Production time is 2 weeks minimum after elements are confirmed. We do always try for sooner. 

Hand-made in New York, USA by women 

©Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry 2024

Please take note that all pictures of finished pieces shown are examples of ones sold and are not necessarily available & cannot necessarily be recreated.
Each piece is one-of-a-kind. We have been making this piece for 17 years, and sources are various and elements are not infinitely available. COVID repercussions also changed this and many of our past sources have gone out of business etc. We also use antique and limited edition Buddha pendants thus limited availability.

These are each one of a kind & that is what makes these special!!!! 


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