Mini™️ Stash Bag for anything & everything!

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Mini Stash Bag, our latest addition to the Elevated Collection. Use for anything and everything!  #merch

3 options of Ikat Print 100% cotton fabric:  

soothing Indigo Blue & white pattern,

cool Black, White and Yellow or

Purple/Blue background with purple and white.

Fully lined. 

Subtle and cool. Unisex. Great for travel and daily inconspicuous use. 

The Mini™️ Stash Bag is a discreet and secure storage bag, crafted with cotton & carbon materials to ensure your items are well-protected. It is tastefully designed for both fashion and function, so you can be sure to safely carry your items in style.


Fully Carbon lined 

1 inside pocket

4 3/4”, graduates to 5” height 

1/2”, graduates to 1 3/4” base

single zip closure 

Daily stash travel bag #elevated  

See larger Stash Bag too! 

Designed in New York, lovingly crafted in Jaipur, India. 

Twice seeded on @budsfeed (#1!) & featured on Norml

Our Soft Goods not returnable.

Do not machine wash. 

Jennifer Stock Designs is not responsible for what you stash.  Keep zipped close for best results. 


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