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 "Get Your OM On." #iconic #og

This ©Goddess Necklace is from Jen Stock's signature collection: ©Goddess Collection, featuring Jen's creative interpretation of the OM symbol. Jen uses an authentic graffiti-like design (inspired by tagging on the subway in the 1970's) of the OM symbol in her ©Goddess Collection to evoke a modern view of the symbol. The name of this unisex collection was Inspired by Leela, Goddess of Positivity and Joy, who kicks away the evil spirits.

28 inch length to ©OM. OM is 1 1/2" x 3/4". Hand-Knotted with multiple strands of threads using exotic Brunette or Blonde Boxwood beads, carved Exclusively made by Jen Stock: Original ©OM plaque guru in Thay Gold.

Brunette Boxwood beads available in sizes: 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Most bottom pendants reverse. All bottom stones are semi-precious or precious.  Side beads vary.

Thay Gold is a special brass, aka Jewelers Gold, that does not oxidize.

The wood is made from Boxwood, which is an Exotic wood from Brazil and very slow growing, which makes it very hard. Jen refers to it as the "Diamond of Wood." The dark brown beads are referred to as "Brunette" and the light wood beads are referred to as "Blonde" and are all carved exclusively for Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry by Master wood carvers. 

 ©Today's Goddess Offering (last image) 10 mm Brunette Boxwood with 3 faceted Apatite, purple inlay brass Tibetan bead, aubergine purple thread and gold leaf Buddha encased in silver.
Currently on sale! 

"Design with Jen" aka: customization or build your own option also available with Thay Gold ©OM, please order below.  No returns or exchanges, as are all custom pieces.

Hand-made in New York, USA by women 

©Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry


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After a long spiritual journey I now decided I would like a spiritual armor to carry with me. 6 years ago Russell Simmons sparked this spiritual seeking. He always is wearing a beautiful necklace so I searched for the maker of this. Found Jenstock!! I chose for design with Jen. She was quick on reply and had great advice in color and accessories. My custom goddess necklace turned out exactly how it needed to be for me. Great experience! I will definitely do it again in the near future and recommend this to everyone who is seeking for that piece of spiritual jewelry that compliments there path. Namaste from Amsterdam:)


I received my first Jen stock piece 3 years ago as a birthday gift. Since then I have custom designed over half a dozen Goddess necklaces. The quality, craftsmanship, look, and feel of them all are second to none! Jen is cutting edge with her mindful pieces and they continue to blow me away. I have tried several other bead makers and this jewelry is by far the creme de la creme!