The 2017 Nutritious Life Gift Guide: Live Consciously

Oh hey, in case you didn’t notice the pine aroma, twinkling lights, and explosion of wrapping paper in every store, it’s that (joyful!) time of year. And we’re here to help you find the unique, genuinely useful things that will light up the faces of the ones you love, no matter which holidays you celebrate. Next up: conscious living gifts.

No, it’s not just a list of different crystals (ha!). Living consciously, to us, means a lot of different things. It could mean cultivating a spiritual practice or outlook. It might also mean taking care of the planet, giving to those who need help, or making tiny tweaks to your personal habits to be a better person for those around you. Yes, we’ve got gifts for people whose personalities fit into any or all of those categories.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring handpicked gifts that fit into each of our eight pillars. Missed one? See past guides, here, and stay tuned for many more options, coming up:

Healthy Food Gifts
Stress Relief Gifts
Beauty and Wellness Gifts
Healthy Beverage Gifts

Happy holiday shopping!

The Best Conscious Living Gifts

Kiva Cards, $25
For the do-gooder in your life, you can gift them the chance to give a loan to an entrepreneur in a developing country to start a do-gooder business in categories like food and health.

conscious living gifts

Jen Stock God-dess Ring, $108
From a renowned designer of spiritually-inspired jewelry, this chunky “Om” piece comes in silver or gold and is inspired by Leela, a goddess of positivity and joy.

conscious living gifts

Kelsey J. Patel Magik Vibes Box, $135
Curated by Reiki master and spiritual coach Kelsey Patel, the box is packed with items like crystals, incense, essential oils, and guided meditations.

conscious living gifts

Bamboo Planters, $14
To hold happiness-boosting house plants, these pretty planters are made from biodegradable bamboo.

conscious living gifts

Modern Sprout Garden Jar Kitchen Herb Kit, $54
Organic basil, parsley, and mint in jars that self-water, for good health and good kitchen vibes.

conscious living gifts

Book of the Month, $45 for 3 months
For the person in your life who’s constantly looking to broaden their perspective by soaking up wisdom: they’ll get to choose a new tome each month from an incredibly curated list of great reads.

conscious living gifts

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