Russell Simmons builds the studio Tantris as a Temple for Practice

A Studio as a Home for Devotion

Russell Simmons is a visionary on the move. Co-founder of Def Jam Records, early promoter and pioneer in the hip hop movement, famous philanthropist, prolific author, television and film producer, and entrepreneur with multiple businesses, Russell is also a devoted yogi with more than 20 years of practice. Along with a dedicated team, Russell spent years searching for a location in Los Angeles where he could build a center for the way he wants to practice—which combines a heated vinyasa flow with an in-class emphasis on philosophy, including the eight limbs of yoga and the ethical precepts known as the yamas and niyamas. At the end of 2016, Russell opened Tantris Center for Yoga Science Studio and Boutique on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

On one of the walls of the boutique, the three pillars of the studio’s philosophy are boldly painted: Devotional Study, Daily Practice, and Karmic Duty. The name of the studio is derived from the Sanskrit words tantra or tantric, yet it is a new word that evokes these tools for spiritual evolution. The home for these practices is a gorgeous space that spans two floors and since the stairs are painted with lines from the Yoga Sutras—you can literally walk your talk as you climb from the boutique to the two studio spaces, spa-style bathrooms, and sunny lounge.

The inviting boutique features Russell’s innovative Tantris yoga clothing line—also the result of years of development (the men’s line is on its way this Spring). In addition, a number of other lifestyle brands can be found including Jen Stock Designs, Sattva Collection, Ria Ray, and J Lew Bags. An expanded style bar with blow outs and more is reopening in March. Coffee, tea, juices, and more are available at the tonic bar.

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