Lady Bosses Features Jen Stock

I have always been amazed at how the Universe works. It seems to bring you what you need when the time is right. Which is why I am not surprised that last week I had a thoughtful encounter with the beautiful and talented jewelry designer, Jen Stock.

When I met Jen, I was immediately drawn to her gorgeous jewelry and her calming spirit. I soon came to find out that, not only had she designed her jewelry, but all her designs are inspired by her spiritual practice of yoga and leading a lifestyle of mindfulness (something I could use in my crazy mama life)!  And did I mention that all of the materials she uses are vegan (no silk, no leather and no pearls)!? 

As I learned more, I became fascinated with Jen's accomplishments.  She has pioneered the concept of spiritual jewelry (even as far as trademarking the OM), and has been able to infuse her sense of fashion and spirituality in a very unique and artisinal way. Her jewelry intends to captures the balance of mind, body and soul. Being a Libra, I can appreciate the challenge of finding this balance and the peaceful state of mind after achieving it.   

After meeting Jen, I was inspired to share her story with all of you. For a taste of Jen's life, which is full of passion and authenticity, read the interview below. You will also discover the Sensorial Mood Wheel which I created for Jen and the words which inspired this creation. 


My initial career was in television production, editing for networks such as History Channel, A&E, Court TV and ESPN.  On the side, I started designing jewelry for myself to reflect my spiritual consciousness. Soon my friends were requesting unique designs. As the demand grew, I decided to incorporate as Jen Stock Designs. 


Jen Stock Designs is a collection of mindful jewelry that is created to build awareness of others and a consciousness of what you put into the universe. My collections come from the heart with the intention of helping people live their most authentic lives. As the pioneer of spiritual jewelry, having influenced the category with my style and signature pieces, inspired by the evolution of my relationship with yoga; each authentic piece embraces a vision of universal harmony and understanding—at the same time, they exude style and elegance. Each of my pieces is like one of my children whom I need to find a caring home for.

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