Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry: For me it’s genetic.

Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry


For me it’s genetic.


I am blessed with a strong lineage of powerful and fashionable women.


My Grandma Bettie is mostly why I am a jewelry designer. A 1939 Hunter College graduate, she curated her inspirational jewelry collection through her travels around the globe. My grandfather rounded out her collection stateside with engraved pieces commemorating milestones, including the oldest of their three girls, Jane, my mother (& lifetime Loehmann’s Back Room BFF.) My cool Aunt Linda owned a boutique in Los Angeles and partied there with Mick Jagger & my Uncle founded Maxfields.


Bettie’s jewelry focused on indigenous Artisans and antique pieces from museum boutiques. I refer to her collection often.


My grandma was always a supporter of Planned Parenthood & I fondly remember watching her write, in her beautiful handwriting, numerous checks monthly to all her charities. Support Planned Parenthood.


My Grandma also reminds me, in many ways of #RBG.

Grandma Bettie worked in NYC as a legal secretary for the lawyer who set up The Women’s Tennis Association with Billie Jean King in the early 1970’s.

Bettie’s Mom, my Great Grandma Frances was an active supporter of the early women’s suffrage movement and member of the Women’s Rights Movement.

Marching in the 1920’s for equal rights & with the first group for Margaret Sanger, risking being arrested to protest for what she believed to be right.

(Margaret Higgins Sanger was an American birth control activist, sex educator, writer, and nurse. Sanger popularized the term "birth control", opened the first birth control clinic in the United States, and established organizations that evolved into the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.)


Frances’ second husband, my Great Grandfather, Rob Baden was a jeweler. His innovative company: Baden & Foss (B & F) created the gold initial ring as well as a lab created Star Sapphire. He holds patents as well for other innovative designs including a ring that opened up, aka Spy Ring.


When talking to my Great Aunt Pearl recently (model for my brand and will be 97 on June 16th, about supporting equal right’s, she said, “Don’t we all? “


Thank you for reading all I have shared.


I have missed each of you. My hope is that humankind changes the narrative. Although some progress towards equality has been made, so much more has to be done.


I am proud to share (shameless mom plug) since the revolution is now being televised, my daughter’s have watched and decided to create their own jewelry line in support of Black Lives Matter. @jewelsbyjandj

Please follow them on Instagram to see their creativity.


Let’s all be friends!

I am Jen Stock: mom of two girls & creator of

Mindful jewelry for everyone. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Cultural Studies, have a longtime yoga practice and am a yoga teacher.

I am blessed to be energized by creativity in my bloodline AND most importantly: I always have and will continue to support and fight for equality for all.

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