3 Jewelry Brands You Should Know

These days, more men are enlivening their wardrobes – and making personal statements in the process – by adding a bracelet, ring, or necklace to their ensembles. For retailers, such pieces are also a must-sell, especially during Holiday season, as they take up minimal shelf/counter space and make ideal gift or impulse purchases. Here are three brands that MR recommends adding to your inventory.


Like many creative entrepreneurs, Jen Stock started making jewelry because she couldn’t find what she was looking for in stores. “I would design pieces in my head, very inspired by my grandmother who always wore unique tribal and ethnic jewelry rather than gold and diamonds,” she recalls. When she didn’t find what she wanted, she started making it herself. Her first trunk show was at Henri Bendel on September 12, 2001. Although the entire city was on shut-down, one of her pieces was a NYC charm bracelet that ultimately sold out and reordered multiple times.

These days, her (mostly unisex) collection is decidedly spiritual and influenced by her degree in cultural anthropology, her own yoga practice, and a 14-year friendship with hip-hop and fashion mogul Russell Simmons, who wears the jewelry himself and sells it in his West Hollywood yoga studio. Materials range from hand-carved beads to semi-precious stones to macramé, medallions and rose gold. Suggested retails start at around $100 and range to $2,000. We love the hard-carved Buddhas, the OM rings, the strands of raw rubies. and beaded bracelets to layer in multiples.

As fabulous as each piece is on its own, it’s the layering potential that appeals to avid collectors. “Everything works with everything because the aesthetic is consistent,” she explains. – KAG

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