Surfer Collection || Unisex Style

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This collection is all hand-knotted using wheel shape flat rondelle 8mm Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (sold out)  (keeps away negative energy) or wheel cut 8mm Brown  <rare semi-precious stone> with 5 Fine Silver Spacer Beads. 18mm Sterling Silver locking clasp and 16mm x 12mm guitar pick-shaped end ring.  Unisex ☮️

18” each and can be custom ordered any length between 17”-21”. Price may vary at longer length. 

Can also be doubled/tripled and worn as a bracelet or anklet!

Variations on a theme: Some one-of-a-kind shown, such as Amazonite, Emeralds, Lapis Lazuli, etc, order last option and we will send you Current Offerings or you can Design with Jen!

We are honored that a version of this classic Jen Stock style was Featured in Parade Magazine:

Handmade by Women in New York, USA

NOT mass production. 

©Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry 2021

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