India Collection || Enameled Sterling Silver Beaded Necklaces #authentic

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One-of-a-kind, all hand-knotted with Labradorite or Moonstones. All genuine stones. 

Enamel is even more vibrant and breath taking in person. 

Pendants are Ancient Indian Silver (925) and each hand enameled for us exclusively. 18mm Sterling Silver clasps and end ring.

3 current Offerings:

- 18” Purple faceted 7mm Moonstones with sterling silver clasp & end ring 

- 18” Blue faceted 7mm Blue Labradorite with sterling silver clasp & end ring

- 28” Teal faceted 7mm Moonstones

-18” Amazonite 8mm round cut stones with sterling silver clasp & end ring 

Be unique! Exclusive to website. 

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