Signature ©️Goddess Bracelet

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This is an original piece from the signature ©Goddess Collection featuring Jen's modern interpretation of the OM symbol.

©Goddess Bracelets are hand-knotted with multiple strands of various color threads.  Design is with both 6mm and 8mm Brunette Boxwood beads for Women.  8mm and 10mm Brunette Boxwood for Men.  OM is a GURU with three holes. 

18mm Clasps are brass and end ring Is gold vermeil.

See our other products for the ©Goddess Collection with OM in Sterling Silver or Wood.

Two lengths or bead size combinations available:

  •  7-inch standard length for Women & is a 6mm and 8mm Brunette Boxwood Bead combination. 
  •  8-inch standard length for Men (or if you would like it a bit looser) & is a 8mm and 10mm Brunette Boxwood Bead combination.
    Custom order this size. 
  • Hand-made in New York, USA by women 


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