OM ©Goddess Bracelet || Thay Gold

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This is an original piece from the signature ©Goddess Collection featuring Jen's modern interpretation of the OM symbol.

©Goddess Bracelets are hand-knotted with multiple strands of various color threads.  Design is with both 6mm and 8mm Brunette Boxwood beads for Women.  8mm and 10mm Brunette Boxwood for Men.  OM is a GURU with three holes. 

18mm Clasps are end ring Sterling Silver, not gold vermeil as pictured. 

See our other products for the ©Goddess Collection with OM in Sterling Silver or Wood.

Two lengths or bead size combinations available:

  •  7-inch standard length for Women & is a 6mm and 8mm Brunette Boxwood Bead combination. 
  •  8-inch standard length for Men (or if you would like it a bit looser) & is a 8mm and 10mm Brunette Boxwood Bead combination.
    Custom order this size. Sterling Clasp and end ring only available now. 
  • Hand-made in New York, USA by women 

We are sorry, Thay Gold is currently not available. Email us and we can contact you when back in stock. Sterling Silver or wood Om versions available. 

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