©My Mala || Blonde Wood with Guru

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 108 Bead Mala

Wear across your chest, around your neck or wrapped around your wrist. Features an original Buddha Guru Bead by Jen Stock. Signature pattern of 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm Boxwood Beads. Hand-knotted. Hand-made tassel. 47"

The Buddha is a symbol of what Buddhists believe is the "enlightened one," someone who can truly see how the world works. The Buddhas used in ©My Mala are also carved from the same Boxwood as the beads.

Various turquoise/coral/lapis/brass accent beads throughout; Designers Choice.

Mala beads serve as a reminder to bring the asana mat practice into the joyous living of the rest of your daily life. Breathe. Be Happy. Be Compassionate.  

So sorry to have to share that this color way is permanently SOLD OUT.

Brunette Boxwood still available. 

©Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry