Surfer Collection

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The Surfer Collection is all hand-knotted using wheel shape flat rondelle 8mm wheel/Heshi hand cut precious and semi-precious beads.

Each one bead design with 5 Fine Silver Spacer Beads.

18mm Sterling Silver locking clasp and 16mm x 12mm guitar pick-shaped end ring.  Unisex ☮️

18” each unless other sue noted and can be custom ordered any length between 17”-21” Price may vary at longer length. 

Can also be doubled/tripled and worn as a bracelet or anklet!

Variations on a theme: Some one-of-a-kind shown, such as Amazonite, Malachite, Emeralds, Lapis Lazuli, etc, order that option and we will send you Current Offerings or you can Design with Jen!

Diamond and Enamel spacers also available! Inquire about pricing. They are spectacular! 

We are honored that a version of this classic Jen Stock style was Featured in Parade Magazine:

Handmade by Women in New York, USA

NOT mass production. 

©Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry 2022

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